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What is Golden Ghee?

Ghee (gi) is culinary gold, excellent cooked butter. Refined manually as well as with fire, it is the most versatile and imperishable oil or Golden Ghee. Its use is universal; greasing, baking, frying, roasting, mixing it with dough, used as a spread, a side dish, for body care and much more. When used daily it helps to maintain well-being. Called‘žonta’ or cooked/refined butter, it was known to our great-great grandmothers and was celebrated throughout the territory of present Slovenia long before cooling devices came into existence. While people were pondering on how to preserve the best (the essence) of what milk gives us, the imperishable gi was made over fire. The women of the village would each cook some, gather it for a while and then jointly present it as a present to the young mother. It would invigorate her and she would thus have better milk for her newly born child. In the countryside it was used to treat joints, frostbite, dry skin, inflamed infant anus, chapped lips, as well as for crème production and as eye-drops for better eyesight (quality test). Farmers used Ghee only during festivities. On market stalls, however, it was the most popular and the most expensive food, and the first to be sold out already in early mornings. Ghee is an excellent source of butyric and caprylic acid and was thus traditionally used as a preventive measure and for intestinal problems. Terms used to denote cooked butter: Ghee, gi, ghi (variations in written form), refined butter, žonta, masunek, butter, Ayurvedic medium, culinary gold, cooked butter, rendered butter, king’s food or therapy, clarified butter, etc. ‘Puter’ was the term used for raw butter. Every village thus unmistakably knew what ‘puter’ and what ‘maslo’ (butter) were.

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Golden Ghee (gi) is cooked butter. Through an extremely slow cooking process (48 hours) the butter is refined – carbon hydrates, proteins, casein, lactose, impurities and water are removed, leaving only pure fat or oil. Ghee is one of the most body-friendly fats, for it does not contain trans-fatty acids, it is made from natural milk (eco/bio) and does not raise cholesterol levels. In culinary tongue it is denotedculinary gold. It is known to be the secret ingredient of many gourmet cooks, who, if not for the whole dish, use Ghee at least to prepare herbs, dressings, side dishes and other supplements. In comparison with raw butter it is incomparably longer lasting and thus suitable for hiking or spending time at the see side. In the refrigerator or in the cellar it can be stored for years. Ayurveda states that after 50 years it should suppress most of the unwanted physical and spiritual inconveniences (our butter is aged). Ghee is gold bullion. In the East as well as in Europe, the prices for a 100 or more year old Ghee are sky high and the amounts that doctors prescribe are next to nothing. It is also ideal for sweet dishes and a real discovery for those who enjoy making cookies, sponge cakes, muffins and other sweets. With other dishes it is a perfect alternative to supplement for many, if not all, fats. We encourage you to include in your diet several different fats, as the body needs a wide spectrum of elements. The golden-yellow colour, pleasant and full aroma, universal applicability, practicality and exceptional taste, as well as food refinement and nutrients binding, along with revitalization and upkeep of optimal bodily functions, make Ghee indispensable in traditional and other quality cuisines. Ghee is known almost all over the world, with roots supposedly originating from South Asia. It was used by many ancient European cultures mainly in Alpine and Caucasian territories. Due to multiple ancient Ayurvedic records we know that it has been used in Indian cuisine for millennia. It is described as king’s food or therapy. Real Ayurvedic cuisine simply does not exist without Ghee and the world renowned champion cook of the time, Emeril JohnLegasse, says: ‘ghee gives quality to every cuisine’. Ayurveda praises it mostly for its wholesome characteristics; it is, however, also used in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics. It can serve as the basis for herbal concoctions, creams, ointments, massage mixtures, weekly cancer treatments, etc. Example: gi mixed with honey, and possibly also with turmeric, heals wounds.

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In 2012, on the 14th January, the law entered into force that prohibits advertising and open writing about natural medicinal characteristics of food and such unless the effects are scientifically proven. Food business operators can thus, when tagging and advertising food and supplements, use only those scientific claims (222 defined) that are based on credible scientific evidence and were included on the list of permitted claims which were (or are yet to be) confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). ‘That is, however, only the first step towardcare for health.’ This year, Codex Alimentarius, which will demote mostly manufacturers and salesmen of natural medicines, came into force. - It thus similarly happened that we have, despite the facts that have been general knowledge and practice for thousands of years – that Ghee helps and balances tons of physical aspects – erased… - It is also suitable for those who are lactose and casein intolerant.

The origin of the word Ghee

Ghrta (ghee) is the descendant of the Sanskrit expression from proto-Indo-European‘ghrei’ - ‘to anoint’ and had developed into Hristos in Classical Greek, meaning ‘the anointed’ or covered with oil. It was then used for the translation of the Hebrew term ‘Messiah’ (the anointed) and later on became the Latin Christus and English Christ. Christ is therefore a title originating from the Greek - Christos, meaning ‘the anointed’ and the Hebrew word - Messiah. In Himalayan regions people are quick to tell that the prosperity of a household is measured in litres of Ghee.

"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century.


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