Ayurveda and Ghee


According to Ayurveda, Ghee is appropriate for all types of people as it soothes all three doshas (vata, pittha and kapha). Above all, it strengthens agni or digestive fire.

Ayurveda recommends ghee in combination with spices. Spices are roasted in it and other foods added, or we can cook the dish and finally mix in ghee-roasted herbs. Dishes prepared in such a manner, whether vegetable or rice, legume, cereals, etc. are jewels of Ayurvedic and healthy vegetarian cuisine, and that of other diets.

(Ghee is an absolute pearl or culinary gold for all of you who prepare fish, meat stakes and the like. Just find a chef and they will tell you that the original Wiener Schnitzel is always roasted in Ghee, otherwise it is not a real Wiener Schnitzel!)

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda lists many positive effects on mind and body:

  • IMPROVES ABSORPTION: Ghee is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine. As it is fundamentally oil, it easily binds the nutritional substances in plants which meltin fat. It thus penetrates cell membranes which are based on lipids. According to some observations, Ghee enhances the efficacy of nutritional substances inplants by serving as a carrier of active components into the interior of cells where they are of most use and effect.
  • DIGESTION: according to Ayurveda, Ghee helps balancing the surplus of gastric acid as well as maintaining natural stability and viscosity of stomach walls and intestines. Intestinal imbalances as the world knows them supposedly cannot occur if one consumes Ghee.
  • BURN RELIEVER: similarly to Aloe Vera, Ghee lessens development of blisters and scars in so far as it is applied on burnt or damaged skin quickly enough. Aged Ghee has greater medicinal value. Many records state that Ghee that has been carefully buried in the ground (one of the ways) for 50 years works wonders.

We have been aging it for a few years now. The plan is to build the first butyric cellar in the world.

-          In books of ancient arts, thousands of years old, Ghee is mentioned and named ‘king’s therapy’.

Ghee and body care

According to Ayurveda, lips crack and burn when the weather is cold and vatadosha is enhanced. The condition is neutralized by applying purified butter or Ghee (herbs and flowers can be added) onto lips. The lips are then massaged and left to rest overnight.

Ghee is fantastic when used as body vaseline, lubricant, ointment or cream basis.

We produce ointment/cream with high St John’s wort content. Also added are lavender, honey, a pinch of sage and foxtail grass – herb. The crafted ointment is suitable for skin, joints and a lot more, including massage. After just over an hour the body is thoroughly rinsed and wiped. A new cream is also in the phase of development. It is completely natural, without preservatives and will stay fresh for up to 3 months. Its purpose is to refresh as well as provide nutrition for the skin.

It is widely known that Ghee absorbs traits of soaked plants, thus creating an exceptional combination. Creams can therefore easily be produced in your own kitchen.

Example: St John’s wort is an extraordinary plant by itself. Combined with Ghee, it penetrates all the way to the bone marrow. With regular massage it effectively restores the flexibility of the skeleton and strengthens it.

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"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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