Cooke butter for health and gourmet pleasures

Previously when there were no refrigerators, housewives had to cook the raw butter so it would not spoil. Today, when it is not necessary to do so anymore, people started appreciating it again.

Gourmets use it as it gives better taste to dishes and Ayurvedic doctors have been using it for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. This pleasant melting butter of homely taste and lively yellow colour that our grandmothers used to call ‘žonta’, ‘masunek’ or simply butter, is today known under different names: ghee, ghi, culinary gold, royal food. Dušan M. Z. Badovinac, a sound therapist, enhances cooked butter also with the sound of a gong and a shell. The result – golden ghee, a product of the Institute for Healthy Living, that neither temperature nor time can touch. ‘In its liquid form it is golden and is pure energy. If used as a candle, the flame is without sooth, in short, the purest.’

What exactly is ghee?

The word ghee comes from the word ‘ghrta’, a proto-Indo-European word meaning ‘to anoint’ or cover in oil. The words Hristos (Kristus) and Messiah (mesaja) developed then from it. The translation of Messiah is ‘the anointed’ and we know that Christ healed people by way of anointing. The basis of his ointments was olive oil or cooked butter into which different herbs were added, like raw true hemp, laurel, sage, wormwood, etc., and once the whole body was covered in such an ointment, people started experiencing intensive stuff, from revelations to different transformations.

If I understand correctly, ghee is cooked butter?

That is correct. It is butter that is completely different from raw butter. The most obvious difference between the two is, that raw butter is used only in food and that, unlike ghee, it spoils quickly.

How is it made?

Before I describe the procedure, I would like to emphasise that good ghee can only be made from good milk. That is why I and my friend GoranGrdič, with whom I make golden ghee, are very careful when choosing where to get the raw material from, for cow is like a bee. If the pasture and fodder are good, so will be the milk. It is very important that the cow grazes a part of the year outside, where it is influenced by the energy of the Sun and wind or ether, that the animal drinks live water and feeds on plants which grow in soil that is rich in minerals. During the course of chewing, which looks like some kind of meditation, the cow first processes the food with its saliva, which is known as golden fluid. This is followed by a multiphase digestion, the final product of which is milk. The first step then is to make cream from the milk, and from the cream raw butter. Once we get this raw butter, we put it into a metal bowl in the shape of a goblet. The butter is then slowly heated on low fire for about 48 hours. We constantly monitor what is happening during cooking and remove the multi-coloured foam that accumulates on the surface. We have realized that during slow and long cooking the butter literally matures. Once the content of the bowl becomes completely clear, like water, and every spot on the bottom can be seen, the butter is cooked. The colour of butter cooked in such a way is at 40°C completely golden. Such butter no longer contains water, carbon hydrates, proteins, lactose, casein or any impurities. What is left is pure fat which is sterile and thus imperishable.

During cooking you also refine it with sound. Why?

It is known and proven that cows who listen to music give more milk, because the sound with its vibrations has a strong influence on living beings. Already during cooking Goran and I play music which is melodically and harmonically consistent so that one can rest and regenerate listening to it. I also play on the planetary gong in the meantime. Once ghee is cooked, we leave it to cool and calm down, while I treat it also with the sound from the shell. The shell is the first sound tool that was used for healing by man. Its skeleton grows in accordance with the universal proportion or golden ratio, which is called also Fibonacci sequence or spiral. The sound that comes out of it in the mentioned geometry is therefore also fundamentally harmonious and thus one of the most perfect sounds on Earth. Once ghee is exposed to this sound, it absorbs it. Ghee is a fruit of our way of life – everything we do is pure and good for Earth and people. This is also one of the reasons why our ghee has a completely different taste, smell, structure and colour from the industrial one, which is made quickly and in big cauldrons with the help ofsteam. We do everything slowly. Each jar goes through our hands at least 15 times. We see to it that everything is conscious, from the print to the string under the cap. All our invoices, delivery notes, labels are from degradable materials, the string is from hemp, etc. Our trademark – the cow, has in its bell the water crystal discovered by dr. Masaru Emota, which is an energy mandala and is copied in detail.

Do you have any proof that your ghee is better than others?

We ordered a research, the parameters of which have shown that golden ghee is naturally rich. However, the most prestigious award for us, are grateful voices of people who consume it and encouraging opinion of Ayurvedic doctors. One of our loyal customers, an Indian and a doctor of classical medicine, but one who also heals according to the principles of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and travels and teaches around the world, which means that she has tried hundreds of different ghee, told us that our stands out due to its holistic nature.

You studied at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security. What happened that you gave your studies up right before the end and struck out into a completely different direction? You are a sound therapist, musician, entrepreneur, ecologist, you teach and lecture about water, and you are becoming more and more known because of golden ghee.

Even as I was in elementary school I was interested in backgrounds of events or the primal world. Then, when I was in my second year at the university, I moved to mister Marko and on his coffee table noticed a palm-sized bowl. He explained to me that it was a Himalayan singing bowl and showed me how it worked. I asked him if I could borrow it. I started playing it before sleep and studying. Shortly after, I met a lady who taught courses on the usage of Himalayan singing bowls with the intention of improving the quality of life. All my savings then went into education and purchase of three 50 years old handmade Himalayan bowls from Nepal and some literature. After the course, I started doing sound massages, at first only on myself and then later on friends and family. Within a month and a half I did and recorded in my journal 70 sound massages. Then I collapsed. I had a fever and diarrhoea, slime was coming out of me in all possible colours, I felt like crying a lot. After six days the physical and emotional cleansing, caused by sound therapies, ended. Five months went by and I bought my first planetary gong and again found a teacher. I soon learned also how to improve water, which is the basic nourishment, with sound.

And how did you get from sound to butter?

Four years ago I met Goran at the Elis estate, who later invited me to his house. When I came there for the third time, I found him behind the stove. He was cooking butter. When he offered me some I was mesmerized by its full taste and I also listened to the story about ghee that he told. At home, all dazzled, I started searching for additional information on the internet. Once I felt, through reading, all the benefits that it represents, I suggested to Goran during my nextvisit that we should cook a bit more of it and use it as gifts. We gathered some money, got a few bigger pieces of raw butter and jars, and thus unknowingly set the foundation stone of our cooperation. For a longer period we then shared the melted butter with our loved ones, I also with people who came for sound baths. The reactions were great. People wanted more and brought things in return. We borrowed a big black pot from our friend Aleš, and our friend Martina made our first labels with our contact numbers and a cow on them. And then one day we got an e-mail from a gentleman from Posavje, who told us that he wanted to sell our butter in his store with healthy food. And thus it started. For the past 2 years it has been possible to find our ghee in 80 different stores. Those are small stores for health benefit and nature, as well as a few bigger shopping centres with eco and natural sections. A good name is better than riches, the word spreads from mouth to mouth. It is thus possible to move forward with the Institute for Healthy Living and the products without investing into advertising.

How can cooked butter be used?

It can be spread on bread or you can mix things in it and make a spread. The Tibetan custom is to mix a spoon of ghee with herbal tea which enhances the tea’s absorption into the body, as some minerals only become effective once they are bound to fat. It can also be used for baking and frying vegetables, meat, eggs or to dress. Did you know that according to the original recipe, the Vienna stake is fried on ghee? Because ghee enhances and deepens the taste. It is also excellent for making sweets, as it makes the dough softer, while the pastry remains fresh and puffed longer. As it is pure fat, one has to use 30 to 40% less of it than the recipe with raw butter says.

Ghee is supposedly almost imperishable?

Ghee matures with years, just like, say, wine, cheese or wood. During maturation its molecular structure is changing. Once it reaches 50 years, it is so intensive that it could poison one if eaten with a spoon. Ayurvedic doctors use aged ghee only for medicinal purposes and even that only drops of it.

What does it heal?

Ghee strengthens and greases, and encourages the body to restore internal harmony. It also has a very positive effect on the intestinal mucosa, and Ayurvedic doctors claim that it awakens the digestive fire in man. It feeds and strengthens the brain, lubricates joints, retains heat and vitality of skin, soft tissues and organs, and is also useful if you drip a drop of it into your eyes.

How old is the oldest ghee and what is its value?

In India, ghee that is up to 200 years old can be found. The price is astronomical. Half a litre of approximately 100 old ghee costs about 300 euros.


Healing properties of ghee:

- Clears and opensthe look and soothes the eyes,

- Enhances metabolism and stimulates digestion,

- Nourishes and strengthens the brain,

- Lubricates joints,

- Maintains warmthand vitality of the skin,

- Maintains vitality of soft tissues and organs,

- It does not contain lactose, is also suitable for those who, due to lactose intolerance,must not consume dairy products,

- Does not contain trans fatty acids, contains 'good' cholesterol, which is known to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, is the building block of cells and maintains hormonal balance.

Cooked butter goes under many names. Today people know it as Ghee, gi, ghi or melted or refined butter, while it used to be known as ‘žonta’, ‘masunek’ or ‘masung’. However, it is also correct if we simply call it butter. The women of villages used to have the habit of collecting it and then presenting a bigger jar of it to the young mother, so that she would get her strength back after the birth and improve the milk for the baby. They also anointed the baby with it so that the toxins left the baby’s body, and used it for painful joints, frostbite, inflamed baby bottoms, chapped lips, dry skin and other.

Ghee is cooked or melted butter. The process of extremely slow cooking extracts the carbon hydrates, proteins, impurities, lactose, casein and water. Raw butter is thus transformed into a tastier, healthier one.

Text: Biba Jamnik Potočnik

Photo: Mateja Jordovič Potočnik


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Hand made | No GMOs | Gluten free | Lactose free | No casein | No MSG | No preservatives | Harmonized with sound vibrations | Certified organic | No Trans Fats

"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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