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customer satisfaction

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  • Špela

Another thing, by the way, work unrelated – I asked around, talked to the housewives in our village (after I had read your web page and realized that Ghee isn’t something they have far away but rather that it is here) and came to the realization that Ghee – in our village it was called ‘mazivo’ (lubricating oil) or ‘maziv’ as they called it at home – has been used everywhere, including in the house where we live. And it was, in fact, used for everything that is stated, always made as a gift for mothers and their new-borns, as well as used for animal care. The difference from what I consider far is, that the effects of aged Ghee were not known and thus never implemented (in the sense of aging it for a few years). By the way… as an interesting fact… and excellency…

  • Alenka

Hello! I have to tell you that you make extremely tasteful butter! I was positively surprised, as it is great for cooking and has delicious taste and smell! I especially like it spread on a tasty slice of bread. I am really glad that Miro brought it. I wish you lots of success and great ideas when creating!

  • Majda

Your sesame Ghee (SeGhee) is made for Gods, heavenly nectar. Divine, I lack words.

  • Oliva (from the culinary forum)

This butter is also face-friendly. I know somebody who only uses this butter because other creams – even the most expensive one – do not suit her, she gets an allergic reaction. Since shehas started using this butter she has baby skin. They used to roast ‘šnite’ (slices) in this butter and there always had to be enough to ‘oil the belly button’ of the baby.

It is completely indispensable in cooking. Machine made cookies baked with half this fat are wonderful. And for potica cakes, strudels, oh it smells so good…

  • Jožika

Hello. I am very satisfied with your Ghee and love using it, as it is, although healthy, also very very tasty. If possible I would like to order 5 large jars, for I want to spread joy among others for this New Year.

  • Hedvika

This cooked butter tastes just like my grandmother’s.

  • Simone

Go guys, your Ghee is fantastic, a necessary equipment in my protocols for hormonal balance, problematic skin and auto-immune diseases. Keep going. I have to sing praises to Vlasta from Koper who supplies me with it.

  • Sabina in FB conversation

Anita make pancakes in this butter or when you make polenta (maize porridge) put a spoon in… heavenly, I tell you… oooh or carrots&peas dressed with it…

  • Andreja

I am reading the book ‘Ayurvedic cooking for self-healing’ and have read an interesting fact: honey and Ghee are incompatible (although yummy when eaten together) but only when consumed in equal amounts (Ghee is a coolant and honey a heating agent). If they are mixed and consumed in 2:1 ration they are not toxic and do not harm the body. The reason?Prabhav – an inexplicable effect on the body. Different amounts of Ghee and honey must therefore be consumed (for example one tea-spoon of honey and three tea-spoons of Ghee). It can thus still be a delicious combination, in the right ration, of course.


Thank you everyone, dear gourmets, naturalists and universal users of Ghee. With your choice you express your appreciation of the precious time that we put into the meticulous, slow and enriched cooking of Ghee, which some of you and us call ‘Golden Fatty’.

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Hand made | No GMOs | Gluten free | Lactose free | No casein | No MSG | No preservatives | Harmonized with sound vibrations | Certified organic | No Trans Fats

"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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