HOW MANY NEW HORIZONS! Is the thought that flashes through the interlocutor when listening to Dušan M.Z.Badovinc from Jugorje pod Gorjanci. After talking to him,one needs some time to process everything that this 30-year-old from Bela Krajina said, as his story opens up new horizons.

Dušan grew up in Metlika and since he was 6 years old lived with his grandparents on a farm in Jugorje. ‘I attended school and music school and helped with farm chores. Farming in Gorjanci is not an easy task. No wonder that my favourite time was from the second half of November till February when I did not have to work at least on weekends. I loved the quiet and lots of snow,’ he remembers. Nevertheless, he has always loved doing things that most of his peers did not care about very much. He was thus 9 years old when he started reading astro news, enjoyed reading wise thoughts, folk sayings and about esoteric.

After the elementary school in SuhorpriMetliki and secondary school in Novo mesto, he enrolled in Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security in Ljubljana. While a student, he lived with a man who had a bowl, into which he would put things he did not need, and which caught Dušan’s attention. It was a Himalayan singing bowl, like the ones that food is blessed in and that is given sound and energy. ‘The man gave me the bowl and I found loads of information on the internet. I was so enthusiastic about it that I spent all my money, which I have saved doing student jobs, for a course in sound massage. I bought another three Himalayan bowls and took the advice to massage myself and my loved ones with sound massages very seriously. I performed 76 sound massages on others within three months; how many on myself, I did not count. However, a month and a half after the course, I fell ill. The organism needed time and chance to think and cleanse. The disease was a reaction to sound. And then, at the age 20, I did my first life balance,’ tells Badovinac, who then felt that there are many different labours in life. ‘It is important to work on yourself. We are a field into which we invest, so that something grows.’

Dušan started doing yoga, did another course in sound massage and the course in gong playing, which is the most transmitting instrumentin the world. Sport, yoga, university, sound and water study became his world. He stopped socializing with most of the friends he had at the time and found new ones, among whom there were more and more older ones. He thus met Goran from Breg in Novo mesto who had been cooking butter for himself, his mother and a friend. ‘Once he gave me cooked butter, I liked the taste as well as functionality. The internet told me that it was even more holistic than honey. I found out that the cows, which are outside, enjoy even more elements than a bee. The element of motion, sun, water, wind. They eat live food which they can chew in peace. All of that is then combined into milk, and butter is a distillate of that milk,’ he continues. The stories from the internet and functionality of the butter overwhelmed him, and together with Goran they cooked more butter which then Dušan gave away for Christmas holidays.

Responses were surprising. One of the ladies that received the butter enthusiastically explained that cooked butter took her back into the times of her grandmother; a gentleman from Trbovlje wanted to sell it in his store. ‘Goran and I realized that people simply wanted to have our cooked butter. We thus made labels with our telephone numbers and made an internet page. We started selling cooked butter on Ljubljana’s market and the news about it quickly spread, as people realized that it was healthy, pure, homemade, handicraft, eco and even with added sound. People were drawn by the story about cooked butter and how in the past neighbours bring it to a birthing mother, so that she would spread it on herself and the baby in order to have strong milk and regain her strength. This is one fat that is the closest to the human organism and that the body uses in its entirety,’ he explains. 

Goran and Dušan, the founders of the Institute for Healthy Living, rented a place with all the licences and where they could cook for almost two years. And then a year and a half ago, the Institute, which today employs four people, set up a kitchen in Jugorje and started to operate with all the licences. Six years have passed since Goran and Dušan together made their first pot of butter, and the cooked butter, called Golden Ghee, from which carbon hydrates, proteins, water, impurities, casein and lactose are extracted, can today be found in 100 stores across Slovenia and in their web store.

Badovinac says that he is in love with ghee because he knows what ghee carries within. The raw material necessary for it is raw butter, which they cannot get enough of in Slovenia and therefore import from Croatia, Germany and Netherlands. The thing is, that the cows which give raw butter graze freely, are not vaccinated, except when born, their food is without genetically modified organisms and produced organically. ‘The raw butter that they produce for us is cooked in pots for 48 hours, it is stirred and the foam collected, while music is playing all the time during cooking. There is a gong in the kitchen on which we play during cooking and once the butter is cooked, we sound the shell. When the cooked butter is resting and is poured into jars, it is treated with vibrations from Himalayan sound bowl. For us all of this is not about money; what is important is that we give the products that are made the right energy and enrich them with sound.  I have decided that everything that I do will be beneficial to people and nature. Feeding people is an honourable task,’ explains Dušan.

He still remembers well the basic economic theory from the student book for the 1st year of economic school which was based on how many cannons there were and how much butter. Butter had a versatile use; the soldiers would grease their shotguns with it, their shoes, skin, heads, so that the brain would retain heat, their lips, and it was used also for lightning, as well as for food, as it gave them energy and power. It was like gold, because it was healthy, useful and of golden colour. If stored properly, ghee lasts for 100 years.

The basic products of the Institute for Healthy Living are Golden Ghee and Goat Golden Ghee. The first is cooked or refined butter from cow milk, which is indispensable in traditional kitchens around the world. It is an oil with a unique taste and aroma and is a quality supplement for many oils and fats as it contains different fatty acids. Due to its efficacy and universality, it is also called golden oil. It is used for ointments, creams, cleansing products for body, baking, cooking and is the most guarded secret of master chefs, while Goat Golden Ghee is cooked goat butter, used for different culinary, medical and skin-care products. As an extraordinary foodstuff it was appreciated already in the ancient Egypt, where they used to put it into the tombs of pharaohs. The menu of goats is very varied and accordingly so is their milk, and the cooked butter consequently of white colour. During at least 48 hours long cooking, carbon hydrates, proteins and water are eliminated, which makes it almost imperishable, with a unique taste and aroma. It contains even more good fatty acids, is without lactose, casein and impurities, works against the ageing of the body, preserving its vitality and strengthening the immune system. The cooked butter from cow milk has a happy cow on the label, and the goat butter a happy goat, while both have around their necks hanging pendants with an informed water crystal. Different water crystals are drawn also on the kitchen tiles.

And where does ghee come from? Badovinac explains that ghrta is an old proto-Indo-European word meaning ‘to anoint’ and cover in oil. Ghrtadeveloped into Hristos in Classical Greek, meaning ‘the anointed’ or covered with oil and was then used for the translation of the Hebrew term ‘Messiah’ (the anointed) and later on became the Latin Christus and English Christ. Christ is therefore a title originating from the Greek word Christos, meaning ‘the anointed’ and is the translation of the Hebrew word Messiah. Jesus, who knew something more, thus got his name. He would dip medicinal herbs into the butter and oil people with it, who would then undergo a transformation.

On the basis of the cooked butter the Institute prepared also spreads with sesame and herbs, wild garlic, parsley, truffles, a sweet spread and a cream. In Jugorje they intend to build the first butter cellar for butter maturation in Europe, where they will also accept guest. They will also set up an estate with cows, which will live in accordance with ecological laws.There will be swings on the pastureso that people will be able to rockamong the cows.They will also startcooking butter on logs on special cosmic days, andthey intend to openfranchises across European mountain areas, where there are plenty of free grazing cows and thus they will have enough raw material for quality butter.‘Strategically we cooperate with S.U.R.F Institute that was also founded by us and which operates with the awareness that we are all under the same starry arch, we breathe the same air, share the limited natural resources and learn from ancient teachings and recipes of our ancestors.’

‘Our mission is children who will share our words with next generations so that the care for our Earth and food that we bring to your tables will be in accordance with all natural commands.’

‘It is important for us that the products are healthy, useful and tasty. However, we want our production to remain on craft level and not industrial. It should not be overlooked that the employees of the Institute work with enthusiasm. It is about socializing. I get up at 4 every morning and finish my working day at 11 pm. In short, we do something other than people nowadays are used to,’ is satisfied DušanBadovinac.

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Hand made | No GMOs | Gluten free | Lactose free | No casein | No MSG | No preservatives | Harmonized with sound vibrations | Certified organic | No Trans Fats

"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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