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Ghee lamp set includes: ‘MiniGhee 120ml’, handcrafted clay mug made by the artist Vera Vardjan from Bela Krajina and a kit which consists of one carrier or float and 13 wicks.

Ghee lamp:

Heat up Ghee or put two spoons of solid Ghee into the clay mug. Soften it then hold a lit match above it to make it even suppler or liquid. Put the round-cork-aluminium float or wick carrier into the mug, on the soft or liquid Ghee. Take one of the wicks, soak it in soft Ghee and put one end into the hole in the middle of the float.

To continue: take a new match and light the end of the wick that sticks out of Ghee and the float. With another match or something similar then seize a crumb or drop of Ghee and apply it on the spot where the wick sticks out of the float (the mug may be tilted so that the drop runs by or through the wick). The float will thus have enough fuel to soak in the first 30 seconds and not burn while dry. If Ghee is liquid that is unnecessary.

Good, now you have done the ritual of lighting the element of fire, created a Ghee Lamp as has been known for millennia.

One full tea-spoon of Ghee burns approximately 2 to 3 hours. There is no need to change the wick every time. You can simply keep lighting and putting it out as long as you feel that the flame structure still holds. When the wick is almost used up and the flame weak – might happen after 3 to 6 lightings (depending on your method and approach) and after hours of burning – simply pull it out of the float and insert a new one.

The float with the wick can always stay on Ghee. Once the Lamp is put out it can easily be left on the table to solidify, etc. When next using it, simply use a match or fire to melt some Ghee or put a few crumbs around the wick so that it has something to feed on for the first 20 seconds. During that time everything will heat up enough to take care of itself.

Flames of Ghee are sunbeams, the essence of nature and breaths of beings travelling back to the sky and on, towards the Sun. Ghee flame that arises from the combustion of nature’s essence that is gathered in the butter as a milk distillate can in terms of purity levels be compared only to beeswax. The quality of vibration and wave-length of the flame’s light, on the other hand, come in quality and energy second only to the Sun. Both the cow and bee consume elements that are later found in ghi as well as in honey or beeswax.

 "Fire lighting is a ritual"

 Caught in the cooked butter are:

Sun’s pure energy and beams of life,
Water’s harmony of information,
Earth’s peace and minerals,
Wind’s freedom and suppleness
And everything else that gives plants their energy to grow.
All of the above combined and slowly treated (chewing with rich saliva) in a truly special animal called Cow. A whole story in one flame, as pure as the sun.

Many sciences, old records and yoga textbooks describe focused ghi flame watching as extremely purifying and regenerative for all bodily elements and energy levels. It is widely known that eyes are the only means through which the all too necessary light comes in contact with the blood core itself. Blood then, filled with beneficial elements and revitalized travels and feeds the whole body, its energy levels as well as the endocrine and eksocrine glands.


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"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century.


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