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The candle before you is handicraft, combining the essence of cooked butter - Golden Ghee and beeswax.


From the flames of two purified and natural ingredients, only the sun's rays, the essence of nature and the breath of living creatures, living freely and naturally, glow.

Only thus can a pure flame can bring back the clean and unburdened energy to the sky.

The GheeLux flame is produced by the burning of selected essences of cooked butter and beeswax. The flame vibration frequency can be compared only to the sunlight that energizes all living beings.

The main cooks, the cow and the bee, feed on the essence of the elements found in Ghee Lux candles, which are handicraft:

Sun’s pure energy and beams of life,

Water’s harmony of information,

Earth’s peace and minerals,

Wind’s freedom and suppleness,

The beauty and intoxicating nourishment of plants.

We introduce you the story of nature in a flame, as pure as the sun.

The fire, as the only element of transformation, will fill you up, awaken you and break up even the most difficult moments.

A quiet mind reflects in a focused and calm look, and once the two conditions are met, we begin to express the true colours of our soul. Different traditions achieve the calmness of mind in different ways, and one of the most famous techniques is ‘candle trataka’ – staring into a flame of a candle, which improves the eyesight, concentration, and brings energy to the so called ‘third eye’ and therefore intuition. The famous yoga text Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that trataka heals eye disease, tiredness and laziness, while it has positive effects on:

  • Improved vision, concentration, intelligence and memory
  • Deep meditation
  • Self-confidence, patience and inner will
  • Calm mind and inner peace
  • Reduced stress and deep relaxation
  • Insomnia problems and headaches
  • Balanced digestive fire - agni
  • Awakening of the third eye or intuition


Different traditions use the lighting of candles as a statement of gratitude and respect toward ancestors. We therefore encourage you to light a candle every day, as thanks to those who made your Earthly existence possible. 

The fire, as a representative of the transformation, reminds us of transience and changes. Compared to earth, water, wood and metal, this is an element that allows the transformation of all other elements. The energy of the fire quickly changes everything that is unclean into pure.
Is it possible to live without food? Yes, and some people do it regularly, but their overall well-being depends on the concentrated looking at the sun during the sunrise and sunset, and when the weather is foggy or cloudy, they look at the flame of a candle.

Focusing on the flame of the candle and the sun increases and strengthens the colon (the internal secretion gland found in the centre of our brains).

The element of fire that is in charge of all the transformations in our psycho-physical world is the central principle of vitality. The main representative of it in our bodies is the digestive fire, and at the level of our mental state; a fire of understanding - the fire that 'digests' the input information and messages of life, pulls the essence out of them and understands them. Most diseases, according to Ayurveda, are due to the state of 'agnimandya' - a weakened body fire. (Source;

GheeLUX Package:

  • contains 18 candles that are manufactured and packaged completely manually,
  • weighs 333g; each candle weighs 18 grams,
  • flame burns between 180 and 240 minutes (a total of 3,780 minutes of fire),
  • candle wick incline determines the intensity of the flame; the more it is aligned, the smaller the flame, however, it burns longer,
  • heat of the flame is felt at a height of 50 cm, which is proven by the caloricity and fullness of the flame,
  • it is extremely suitable for business, Christmas and New Year gifts, as it has ample space to show your logo



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"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century.


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