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A handmade candle that combines the essences of Golden Ghee and Beeswax.

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From the flame of two pure and natural ingredients, glows only the creation of flora, fauna, balanced man and the Universe. Such a web of activity returns unloaded energy back to the ether.


The frequency of the GheeLux flame can only be compared to sunlight.
The main chefs, the cow and the bee, exist due to a combination of the following elements.

The sun.
Water message.

Fire, as the only element of transformation, will fill you and move you into experiencing the eternal spiral of changing forms.
The flame is not lost. He was in solid state. The content of the candle could be used to care lips, skin or just a piece of leather...
Furthermore through the thread in the flame, it took the following shape.
It disappears from the solid fluttering into the moving.
Then in the ether. In the eyes as light and in the lungs as atomic charge.

Life is an eternal transformation.
"Bring the figure through the chessboard of life and enliven him with another energy.
The present is infinite and constant."

Fire, as a representative of transformation, reminds us of transience and change. Compared to earth, water, wood and metal, only fire allows the transformation of all other elements. The energy of fire is the fastest way to change everything that is impure into pure.

Focused watching of candle flame and sun strengthens the pineal gland.

The element of fire, which takes care of all transformations in our psycho-physical world, is the central principle of vitality. In the body, its main representative is the digestive fire. And at the level of the mentality, its representative is the fire of understanding - the fire that 'digests' the input information and messages of life, pulls the essence out of them and understands them.
Most diseases, according to Ayurveda, are caused by the condition 'agnimandya' - weakened body fire.


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Hand made | No GMOs | Gluten free | Lactose free | No casein | No MSG | No preservatives | Harmonized with sound vibrations | Certified organic | No Trans Fats

"Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates long live and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases"

BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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