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Principles of biodynamics

The modern problem of humanity is energy-impoverished, practically dead food, which is incapable of giving man the vital force he needs to live. The foundation of bio-dynamic agriculture is the perception that animals, plants and man represent the whole, to which the entire universe (cosmos) interacts with the forces of the planets of our solar system and the constellations of the zodiac. The more we understand this interconnectedness and natural rhythms and know how to use these principles to their fullest, the more we are able to produce healthy and LIVING food.

Biodynamics is not only a sustainable way of farming, but also a way of life, a life philosophy. Biodynamics refers to working with the energies that create and sustain life. The word is derived from two Greek words; bios = life and dynamics = energy.

Therefore, in biodynamics, a farm is an organism whose organs are fields, meadows, orchards, plants, animals, and humans that function as a cohesive whole. The farm thus produces food, its own seeds for further reproduction, while maintaining its natural balance and plant diversity through crop rotation, with natural preparations and preparations it protects and strengthens the plants and permanently revitalizes the soil with compost.

Bio-dynamic method, which is used as a method of agriculture of the future dr. Rudolf Steiner left to mankind, and which has established itself as the oldest, most thoroughly researched and successfully tested ecological method in all climatic zones of the Earth, allows us to turn the helm of human intervention into nature on the path of life. For the benefit of all living things, including man.

Dr. Steiner and Marija Thun

Dr. Steiner noted in the Agricultural Course that the forces of vital importance were coming from the zodiac and should be well studied. It was precisely 50 years ago that Maria Thun addressed this issue and has been reporting her findings since 1961 in the annual Sowing Manual; it has been published in the Slovene language for twenty years. The sowing manual of Maria Thun after her death in 2012 is being prepared by son Matthias K. Thun and daughter Christine Schmidt Rüdt. Through experiments, Mary Thun tested the impact of individual constellations on plant growth and transformed her findings into direct instructions and a labeling system for each day of the year. This has made it easier for the general public to work, bringing both planetary influences and bio-dynamic farming / gardening closer.

Although the forces from the constellations of the zodiac are continuously radiating to Earth, we always accept them in a slightly different combination. This is because planets orbiting their orbits around the Sun in front of the constellations of the zodiac attract and direct the zodiacal forces to Earth. The amount and quality of the forces that we get from Earth from the cosmos therefore depend on the positions of the planets in front of the constellations of the zodiac, as well as on the relationships between the individual planets.

The sowing guide gives us the knowledge of when is the best time to sow and work in order to be as successful as possible. It takes into account not only the influence of the moon, but also the other planets and their positions. Working according to the Sowing Manual is an important part of the bio-dynamic method for gardeners and farmers. From the qualities of cosmic rhythms, we can also choose especially valuable moments that, when used for sowing, significantly affect the regeneration, that is, the improvement of plant health.

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Read more: Vrhunc, Meta. 2011. Bio-dynamic preparations. Screamer: Buckwheat Publishing House.

The mode of milk production demeter

The dairy production method includes;

  • planned rotation,
  • organic fertilization of plant origin (maintaining soil fertility in a natural way),
  • the feed is mostly (at least 80%) grown on the farm and is of biodynamic origin,
  • the farm is set up as a closed ecological system,
  • the removal of the horns of animals is clearly prohibited,
  • production of products operates on green electricity,
  • slogan; we want to be in everything we do. This means well-being, beautiful countryside, clean land, relaxed animals and fair trade.
  • use of neutral packaging,
  • even more free grazing and movement,
  • the general socializing between young and old members of the bovine family, and an even more enjoyable stable,
  • year-round release also possible during winter and snow,
  • an additional limited number of cows per acre of pasture grassland.

DOBR BLOG (Lj. Nepremičnine / Košir Urška)

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BHAVAPRAKASHA - Ayurvedic text from the 16th century. 

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